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4 Ways to Wear Your Skater Skirt

Posted on February 10 2016

Skater skirts and dresses are incredibly versatile items of clothing and it pays off to have at least a couple kicking around in your closet. Depending on the color, print, and what you pair it with, a good skater skirt can give you looks ranging from modern to retro, or from urban professional to menace to society. They're light and breezy enough for summer, but when worn with sweaters and leggings they can also be great for the winter.

Skater skirts are essentially circle skirts with high waists and hems that are cut above the knee -- the sort of skirt that you could picture as part of a figure skater's costume. As with all circle skirts, they fall smoothly from the waist to the hem without darts or pleats. They appear loose and unstructured, and provide a softer alternative to thigh-hugging pencil skirts or crisp pleated skirts. Below are four fabulous looks that you can get by incorporating a skater skirt into your outfit.

The Creepy Cutie

Perhaps the most obvious approach to the skater skirt is the cute approach. 

The soft-looking skater skirt lends itself well to bright colours and cartoonish patterns. 

Of course, you can always offset the adorable with a little hint of deranged, like with this  bubblegum pink Zombie Bunnies dress by Sourpuss. 

Worn right, the skater dress says "I'm cute, but I could probably kill you."

Circle skirts also make great additions to fall wardrobes and work particularly well with chunky knitwear.

It can be extremely cute to match a skater skirt with an oversized sweater that's almost as long as the skirt itself. 

We'd recommend pairing  Kreepsville's Cherry Skull Skater Skirt with warm leggings, knee-high boots, and a big wool sweater or cardigan. 

You can add more hints of creepy to your outfit with your accessories.  Kreepsville's Skull Collection Necklace in amber, for example, would be a great choice.

The Badass Babe

Hints of morbidity are not enough for you. 

You don't want to suggest that you're a little dangerous under that cute exterior; you want to loudly proclaim it to whomever is listening, or looking. 

Luckily for you, the skater skirt can also be for badass babes. 

Sourpuss's Shark Bait Skater Dress sort of straddles the line between cute and badass, and can go either way depending on how you wear it and what you pair it with. 

Flats and tights? Cute. 

Ass-kicking platform heels and bare skin showing off your tattooed legs that go on for miles? Badass. 

Because most skater skirts are hemmed mid-thigh, they can be a great way to show off your leg tats, particularly thigh tats that just peek out from beneath the skirt, like with our lovely model here in the shark dress. We are always looking for ways to show off our tattoos.

During the winter, this mid-cut to the skirt gives you an opportunity to flaunt your favorite leggings. 

Leggings can be great complements to skater skirts and are often just as fun to style.

Another great example of a circle skirt dress with a badass edge is  Sourpuss's Leopard Sweater Dress. 

There are few things that say "I'm a woman who knows exactly what she wants and I'm going to get it now" than leopard print, and bold red leopard print in particular seems to have that effect even more so.

The Perfect Professional

That's right, not only is the skater skirt perfect for the vamp prowling the streets at night, but it can also look good in the office. 

For something that is related to a glittery, flamboyant figure skater's costume, these skirts can be surprisingly suave and professional in the right setting. 

If you've ever seen Lucy Liu in Elementary, you've seen the skater skirt at work. Liu's Watson has an enviable wardrobe if you're in the mood for something mod, and, unsurprisingly, she looks absolutely amazing in a circle skirt. A plain skater skirt that you incorporated into a cute weekend outfit can also be totally work-appropriate if paired with the right top and shoes. Actually, the subtle morbidity of that Cherry Skull Skater Skirt would be totally appropriate if, like Lucy Liu in Elementary, your work involves standing over a lot of dead bodies at a lot of crime scenes.

Hemet offers some simple circle skirts that would make a great addition to your work wardrobe. Try pairing the  Black Full Circle Skirt with a tucked-in silk blouse and ankle boots. And look, these skirts even have pockets!

The Wily Witch

Okay, enough with looking "presentable" -- on to raising the dead and feeling fabulous while doing it. Need something to wear at your next occult gathering? Consider a skater skirt! There's something rather Wednesday Addams-esque about a skater skirt. Inked Boutique even carries a  Wednesday Dress with a circle skirt that falls in nice, soft folds.

Out of all the skater skirts and dresses available at Inked Boutique, the  Love Crafty Skater Dress is decidedly our favourite. The pattern features a cute collection of Cthulhus and other assorted eldritch horrors. What's not to like? 

Try pairing this dress with  Jawbreaker's Mystifying Oracle Leggings for a full-on black magic aesthetic. Adding a slouchy, wide-brimmed black hat and big, circular sunglasses will further intensify the witchy effect. In this outfit you'll feel totally ready to get out the candles and crystals and use them in some dark ritual to contact long-dormant and possibly evil entities. You know, just a regular Friday night.


So there you have it: the skater skirt, a truly wondrous item of clothing. Hopefully this has inspired you to pick up a new skater skirt, or perhaps dig an old and forgotten one out of the back of your closet and do something new and fun with it. And don't forget to  check out our leggings if you need something to complement your skirt!

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