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Duds for your Offspring: Babies' and Kids' Punk/Tattoo Clothing

Posted on April 06 2016

So you've brought a brand new life into this world. This small creature is totally dependent on you, and full of promise, and that is terrifying but also pretty damned exciting. As you cradle your offspring in your arms, you inevitably ask yourself "how can I dress up this kid so they look as hella cool as I do all the time?" I mean, you don't want this kid cramping your style, but more importantly, you want to share with your child all the awesome things that make you happy. Okay, so they can't actually get a tattoo for several more years, and they'd probably just cry a lot if you took them to a punk show -- but there are other things you can do to inaugurate them to the lifestyle when they're young.

Yes, luckily for you proud parents, Inked Boutique carries a number of brands which offer excellent kids' clothing inspired by tattoos and punk culture. Child-rearing may be difficult and tiring, but then there are those precious moments when your kid is happy and you're happy and everything seems to fall into place. We may be biased, but we think that comfortable, cute clothing tends to boost the moods of humans of all ages and sizes. So bring a little joy to your little bundle of joy by swaddling them in some quality duds.


This brand has a plethora of lovely retro bits and bobs, from parasols to pill boxes and flasks, usually featuring dangerous- looking pin-up girls. Therefore, it stands to reason that their kids' clothing would be an excellent choice for the offspring of dangerous-looking pin-up girls.

For example, we love this adorable Crib Life onesie. If your kid's going to be a nightmare at nap time, then they ought to be sporting appropriate threads for it. Maybe as they grow up they continue to be just a nightmare at all times of the day and night, in which case this Li'l Monster shirt might be appropriate. Listen, we love kids, but we have no illusions about them being little monsters. Embrace their monstrous tendencies, and you'll be better off for it.

Cartel Ink

We've sung the praises of Cartel Ink before, and we will continue to do so as long as they continue offering such fabulous designs inspired by tattoo culture. When it comes to their clothing for men and women, they specialize in shirts with eye-catching slogans, and their kids' clothing is no different.

Continuing on with our theme of children being adorable little creatures from horror movies, Cartel Ink offers this cute and simple Creepy Crawler shirt. I mean, let's be honest, your baby does kind of look like the girl from The Ring when they're crawling along the living room floor. If that doesn't fulfill your desire to associate your spawn with horror movie fodder, then how about this Future Zombie shirt? Remind yourself and your kid that eventually everyone dies -- and then comes back as a terrifying walking (or crawling) corpse!


This brand is specifically geared towards roller derby gals and their kids. They've chosen their demographic well, and they serve them in excellent fashion. So if you're a particularly feisty individual, and your kid is as well (let's be real, most kids are exhaustingly feisty), then this is the brand for you.

We admit this might be kind of grim following on the tails of Cartel Ink's Future Zombie shirt, but, oh boy, we sure do love Rudechix's Future Zombie Killer onesie. 

It would be morbidly adorable to dress your kid in this shirt and their friend in the other, or vice versa. The earlier your child learns to appreciate black humour, the better, in our humble opinion. And speaking of the adorable undead, Rudechix also offers this super cute Zombie Bear onesie. 

Are we kind of obsessed with dressing freshly made humans in clothing items that remind us of our inevitable deaths? Yes, yes we are. It's got this whole circle of life theme to it. It's kind of poetic, if you think about it. Just go with it.

But maybe you want something a little lighter and fluffier for your wee zygote. There's no shame in wanting to avoid crushing existential angst for a while. And if that's the case, Rudechix still has plenty of non-death themed attire for you and your kid. How about this On Wednesdays I Wear Pink shirt? Okay, so the crow silhouettes are sort of ominous, but the Mean Girls quote is about as light and fluffy as it gets. You win some, you lose some.

We hope we've inspired you to go a bit above and beyond for your kid and adorn them in something cute, something a bit more original and eye-catching than the usual onesies and t-shirts from your local department store. Oh, and if you're a friend of someone with a kid? Now's your time to shine and earn the moniker of "cool aunt" or "cool uncle" by gifting them with one (or more) of these great shirts. 


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