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Know Your Artist: OG Abel

Posted on March 21 2016

OG Abel is an artist with years of experience behind him. Originally he sold his designs to other apparel companies, but he soon got tired with the way they represented his work and so, in true entrepreneurial spirit, he decided to found his own company which produces a wide range of products from shirts and hats to bags and wallets. After all, who can do a better job translating art to apparel than the artist himself?

OG Abel is a highly skilled portrait artist with a number of influences, including pop culture icons and scrimshaw, a type of engraving done on bone or ivory. Scrimshaw was an art form largely practiced by whalers when they weren't busy wrangling whales; this means it's intertwined with sailor culture which, as we all know, is intertwined with tattoo culture. But the overall look of OG Abel's work is decidedly modern. His mostly monochromatic art features flawless linework and a depth of light and shade not found in classic scrimshaw or traditional tattoos.

So the man has business savvy and is technically a great artist, but what about the content of his pieces? Well, when it comes to this brand, everything is about badass skeletons and beautiful yet deadly women. OG Abel's work often takes the form of a memento mori. His 2 of a Kind men's shirt & wallet design features a kingly skeleton having a riotous good time with a couple of tattooed ladies. Gather ye hot babes while ye may. Of course, even after death one may continue to party, as evidenced by OG Abel's Angelyn, a tattooed Marilyn Monroe laughing and drinking and smoking from beyond the grave.

These designs are great for anybody who can cheerfully embrace both life and death. We particular love the Lost King Men's Shirt for this reason. Who doesn't want to make out with a skeleton, especially a skeleton who's bedecked in furs and jewels? That skeleton is rich, very rich. He'd probably make a good boyfriend is all we're saying.

Of course, you could take your love of death one step further. You yourself could become a spectre of death by donning the Bandit Bandana. Shed your flesh prison and join the ritzy skeletons. And when you too are a rich and powerful skeleton, don't forget to keep your money safe and within easy grasp of your cold and bony fingers -- make sure to get yourself one of OG Abel's stylish men's and women's wallets, like the lovely Heart Hands Wallet.

Whichever OG Abel item you choose, you can rest assured that it's been lovingly designed and approved by the artist himself. Know your artist, know your apparel.


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