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Pychobilly vs. Gothabilly

Posted on July 31 2017

We all know the first band to call themselves Psychobilly were the Cramps right? They were around from 1976 until 2009 when Lux Interior (lead singer) died. They were a cross between Punk and Rockabilly both in style, attitude and music. This really is what Psychobilly is all about. Now who doesn’t like the Reverend Horton Heat? Or Tiger Army, and The Creepshow?  However the first real Psychobilly 100 percent proof band was The Meteors. They came to fruition in 1980 in South London. One band member was a Rockabilly, one was a Punk, and one was a psychedelic horror enthusiast. The perfect formula for Psychobilly is for which a subculture would form immediately around this cult band.

Today Psychobilly is more of a subgenre of clothing, hair and style, with its roots in Goth and rockabilly with elements of punk and horror thrown in. The overall style is inspired by the 50’s Americana and 1970’s British Punk. To be a Psychobilly is a way of life, not a “style,” this includes in addition to music, vintage décor, body art, classic cars and fashion. The retro dresses, with the bright details, you cannot go wrong with The Sourpuss Diner Dress.


Coloring and styling your hair can be so much fun. Having the ever notorious and timeless Bettie Page bangs, and you cannot forget the victory rolls! Pompadours can be achieved in various ways, you can do a pomp if your bangs are monger, or you can pomp your entire head of hair by brushing to the front of your head, twisting the back and spraying it to high hell, now that would be the perfect psychobilly look to style! Now to accessorize these looks, how about a Se7en Deadly Be Still My Heart Hairbow? Or Kreepsville 666 XL Skeleton Bone Hand hair slide? Either would be perfect to accent your hairstyle.



Of course Psychobillies love their ink, and are heavily tattooed, usually with traditional American designs, playing cards and other symbols of luck, but love to also have symbols of horror culture on their skin. They also like it symbolized in their clothing and accessories as a nod to the Goth and horror interest they have. We love it. Here is the Sourpuss Workin Stiffs Bowler Purse.

 If you can’t decide between country and gothic, Gothabilly is the answer. It’s quite similar to Psychobilly, in fact the first use of the word was by The Cramps in the late 70s. They used it to describe the blend of rockabilly, punk and gothic in their music and clothing style. Some of the most notorious Gothabilly bands are The Horror Pops, The Brimstones, and Ghoultown. Usually Gothabilly bands use paranormal themes, horror and vampires. Unlike Psychobilly, there are undertones of melancholy and romance.

The fashion of Gothabilly is similar to Psychobilly but with a softer tone. It is less punk. They tend to look like living dolls, wearing pin-up clothes with a different angle, moving towards a visual zombie aesthetic. Some of the common motifs are skulls, cobwebs, frankenstein, and corset's. Despite the penchant for Goth then tend to trend for lightly and want to have more fun with their style. For instance here is a Sourpuss Moon Faces Dress with the moon sticking his tongue out at you. That is having fun.


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