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Retro Shades for a Retro Summer: Five of our Favorite Sunglasses

Posted on June 14 2016

There are few fashion accessories that seem to have more consistent attitude and flare than sunglasses. Well, perhaps a pair of toweringly high heels would give sunglasses a run for their money attitude-wise. Actually, there is our ultimate fashion advice: wear stilettos and aviator shades and look like an action movie hero. Your secret skill? Somehow being able to fight in stiletto heels and also being able to see clearly at all times when wearing your rocking sunglasses, even indoors or at night. You will simply ooze attitude and coolness. But we digress.

In addition to being just plain stylish, sunglasses are also eminently practical. A bit hungover from a wild night of partying? Slip on a pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the harsh light of day. Or perhaps you spent a wild night in, playing video games until dawn, and now your eyes ache and you somehow feel worse than if you had gone out and drunk a fifth of vodka? No worries, sunglasses are here to save you in this instance too. Got frustrated and completely messed up your eyeliner? Sunglasses! Riding your motorcycle across town and don’t want to be pelted by summer bugs? Sunglasses! Instantly improve your mood and your outfit with sunglasses!

We've luckily got a range of different retro and vintage sunglasses here at Inked Boutique, so you're sure to find at least one pair that suits your particular needs and wants. Below are five of our current favorite sunglasses, but don't forget to check out our entire collection!

Red Heart Shaped Sunglasses

What summer outing would be complete without seeing at least one girl wearing a summer dress and heart-shaped sunglasses? Now you too can be That Girl with these heart-shaped sunglasses from Viva Dulce Marina. This lovely brand offers heart-shaped sunglasses in a few different colors, but we are particularly drawn to those classic red shades. They're the Lolita sunglasses, you know? If you love subverting problematic tropes, we suggest wearing these with stiletto heels and being an action hero who specifically targets and takes revenge on Humbert Humbert types. Now that's a good idea for a film. Where's our movie deal?

Polka Dot Cateye Sunglasses

These are the sort of sunglasses you want to pair with a retro one-piece bathing suit. 

Probably your hair should also be held back in a cute bandana in a complementary polka dot pattern. 

Your lipstick should be bright red. Then you just sort of have to lounge dramatically on a towel and let everyone at the beach grow breathless at your beauty. 

Handsome men will offer you chilled cocktails unprompted. Everything will be beautiful and nothing will hurt.

New Yorker Sunglasses

We love these sunglasses because they remind us of the shades worn by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. They have an undeniable sort of classiness to them. 

These are the sort of glasses that you want to push down your nose ever so slightly so that you can gaze over top of them judgmentally. 

Direct this piercing gaze at whomever you wish to make feel uncomfortable and intimidated. Smile a somewhat sadistic smile with your perfectly painted lips.

Classic Cat Swarovski® Sunglasses

Do you know what is guaranteed to make you feel stylish, powerful, and in control of your life? Having crystals on your face. These sunglasses are studded with Swarovski crystals and look like something a diva from the golden age of Hollywood would wear on the red carpet. Each pair of sunglasses comes with extra crystals, which are probably included for any little touch-ups your glasses may need due to regular wear & tear. However, wouldn't it be swell if Marialia sent everyone a big bag of extra crystals? Then you could toss them into the air and laugh villainously, or whatever it is you do for fun when you are rich in precious shiny things.

Fly Caliber Sunglasses

These sunglasses from Black Flys are an excellent, elegant take on the classic aviator shades. They come in a range of different colors, but we're partial to the gold frames with the mirrored amber lenses. Now these are the sort of glasses that a queen bee wears. Perhaps you ought to purchase a pair for the queen bee in your life. If you look at your friend while she's wearing these glasses, all you will see is a honey-yellow reflection of yourself. You might also hear a vague buzzing sound, because your friend is quite possibly thousands upon thousands of bees pretending to be a human. It's well known that swarms of bees have excellent fashion sense.

We hope you found something on this list that you feel would be an appropriate contribution to your ever-growing collection of sunglasses. It is, after all, important to have a diverse range of sunglasses, each with different stylistic connotations. In an ideal world, we could wear sunglasses all the time, and never have to subject our delicate eyes to natural sunlight again, instead descending into a pseudo-vampiric lifestyle. Wouldn't that be delightful?


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