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Sourpuss Housewares: Creepy Kitchen Kitsch

Posted on April 25 2016

There are few things that get our little hearts pitter-pattering faster than super adorable kitchenware. Give us tea infusers in cute shapes, frilly aprons with brightly colored patterns, drinking vessels in the shape of skulls -- we love it all. And we really hope that you feel the same. But if, for some tragic reason, you have yet to discover how exciting tea towels and cookie jars can be, then perhaps this article will open a whole new world for you.

Of course, because we here at Inked Boutique are cheerfully twisted individuals, we tend to find kitschy Halloween decorations to be the height of adorable. Seriously, we are the type of people who leave Halloween decorations up year round. And why wouldn't we? Everyone ought to have a full-sized skeleton covered in cobwebs and seated at their kitchen table at all times. You can have breakfast with him every morning. Call him Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud. Pour him a cup of coffee and tell him about your plans for the day. He's a very good listener.

One of our most beloved brands, Sourpuss, does an excellent job of marrying cute kitchenware and creepy things. Below are seven of our favourite items for your kitchen from Sourpuss's collection. We figure the lucky number should offset any of the unluckiness associated with black cats and dead things.

Skull Cookie Jar

Have you ever wanted to crack open someone's skull and feast on the delicious treats within? Well, now you can live out your zombie fantasy with this amazing cookie jar from Sourpuss! 

The bone white ceramic jar features a removable lid; just pry off the top of the skull and dig into the sweet desserts hidden inside. You may or may not have a Pavlovian response and start craving cookies whenever you see a human skull. 

Inked Boutique cannot be held responsible for any cannibalistic desires that may arise when you look at the heads of your friends and family.

Tombstone Salt and Pepper Shakers

Every proper kitchen table needs three things in the center: a napkin holder replete with napkins, salt and pepper shakers, and some sort of wilting flower to remind diners of the inevitability of death. 

Well, Sourpuss has got you covered in the salt and pepper department, at least (we can only hope that they are working on the other essentials). As you use these tombstone shakers, you can imagine that you are sprinkling ground-up mummy dust onto your food. 

Did you know that in ye olden days people thought mummies had medicinal properties and would grind up the bodies to be used in healing powders? What a cool factoid to dwell on as you eat your dinner.



Sad Gato Tumbler

So you're halfway through baking a truly superb batch of cupcakes, just enjoying your magical caffeinated brew, when you are annoyed to discover that you're out of confectioner's sugar! 

Damn, now you've got to pop out to the store if you want to finish your cupcakes. 

No worries, just dump your caffeinated brew into your sad gato tumbler so that you can chug it anxiously while on the go. 

Look at these knife-wielding cats -- they've seen some things, man. 

Be comforted by the fact that your sugar problems are small potatoes next to these cats' existential weariness.

Eyeball Platter

Once you've finally finished your brain-shaped cupcakes, you'll need an attractive dish on which to display your creepy creations. 

Look no further than Sourpuss's eyeball platter! This hand-painted platter features a big ol' bloodshot optical orb, just the sort of thing that gets our appetites going. 

As you and your friends devour the last of the brain-shaped cupcakes, you will reveal this unblinking eye, which seems to stare unnervingly into the very depths of your soul. Awesome!

Zombie Cameo Tea Towels

The cupcakes have been made and eaten, and now all that's left to do is clean up all those dirty dishes. Of course, when you're washing a pile of dishes, it's important to have some quality tea towels on hand. 

And what better to polish your eyeball platter with than Sourpuss's zombie cameo towels? The undead Victorian lady and gentleman seem to possess a certain grim determination that will surely help you get through the tedium of clean up. 

And when you're all finished, you can hang the towels to dry on the ribcage of Carapace Clavicle Moundshroud. See, he's more than just decoration: he makes important contributions to the household!

This is but a mere handful of the excellent items that Sourpuss offers in terms of housewares. Be sure to check out our article on their bathroom decor, or just browse through everything this great brand has to offer. Above all, have fun making your home as weird and unsettling as you yourself are!


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