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Sourpuss Housewares: Decorating Your Bathroom

Posted on May 02 2016

Sometimes it feels like the bathroom is the most difficult room in the house to decorate. Do you even bother to decorate the bathroom? What kind of aesthetic is appropriate for this often ignored space? Well, in our humble opinion there is no reason why your bathroom can’t rival the rest of your house in terms of flare. In fact, for a room you invariably spend time in every day, it really ought to reflect your personal style. So give the place a good scrub, maybe put some plants in there, and throw out your ratty old towels and grungy shower curtain. It's time for a fresh start!

It seems like 'nautical' is an obvious theme for a place where you go to get wet and wild, but you can do nautical without resorting to innocuous beach photography encased in seashell frames (just the thought of such dull, lifeless decor fills us with the urge to climb into the bath tub and maybe never climb out). Sourpuss, however, does nautical right. They also do that whole punk rock, pin-up, retro tattoo thing well. I mean, that aesthetic is what you expect from your shoes, your dresses, your handbags -- why can't it be what you expect from your shower curtains and hand towels? No more boring bathroom decor, we say!

Sourpuss Shower Curtains

First of all, our condolences to those whose showers have doors. Not only are they more tedious to clean, but they are so terribly uninteresting. Of course, you might think that shower curtains are also terribly uninteresting, but there you would be wrong. Sourpuss is here to teach you that shower curtains can be a source of joy rather than just a boring old thing that you happen to need in your bathroom.

Kraken Up Shower Curtain

If you are indeed going for a nautical theme, an obvious choice would be  Sourpuss's Kraken Up Shower Curtain. Imagine walking into your sparkling clean, fresh smelling bathroom and being greeted with an ominous tentacled beast guarding your tub. 

Thanks, kraken, for guarding our soaps and shampoos and loofahs. Thank you, kraken, for not eating our rubber ducks. 

It's important to pay obeisance to the tentacled beast, you see, in order to keep it happy and make sure that it keeps protecting you during bath time.

Hold Fast Shower Curtain

But maybe tentacled beasts are not quite your thing. Maybe your mythical sea creature of choice is a mermaid. 

Well, get a load of this  Hold Fast Shower Curtain featuring a mermaid in the style of a sailor jerry tattoo. 

She seems a bit more friendly than the kraken, at least, a bit more like a creature you would emulate rather than fear. 

Now, don't lie to us, we know you probably like taking long baths and pretending you're a mermaid. You probably use a bath bomb that turns the water a murky blue and then you lurk at the bottom of the tub and imagine luring men to their deaths with your siren songs. And why wouldn't you? That sounds like an extremely relaxing bath time scenario.

Adventure Shower Curtain

After all, when you get all squeaky clean, you should be properly enjoying yourself in whatever weird way that appeals to you (no judgments here). 

Shower/bath time is an adventure, so why not have an  Adventure Shower Curtain? A little tip: the best way to have an adventure in the bathroom is to include alcohol. 

You can have a glass of wine, or a glass of whiskey, or maybe you just want to throw caution to the wind and crawl in the tub with a whole bottle of vodka. 

We've all had those days that just make us want to crawl in the tub with a whole bottle of vodka. Once again, no judgments here.

Sourpuss Towels

After getting good and sloshed in the tub, and probably sloshing water everywhere while you were at it, you're going to need to dry off with a clean towel. Good thing that Sourpuss has got you covered there as well. They've got hand towel sets and 'beach towels', but we've never been limited by product descriptions -- you can absolutely use these beach towels at home.

Anchors Aweigh Beach Towel

In fact, there are a few choice beach towels that can contribute to your bath time adventure. How about this  Anchors Aweigh Beach Towel which boldly instructs "EV'RYBODY DRINK UP!" 

"Don't mind if I do," you'll say, as you once again grab your favorite bath time companion, the bottle of vodka. 

Ah, the navy blue towel feels so soft and nice against your skin. You love Sourpuss. You love bath time. You especially love vodka.

Lucky Horseshoe Hand Towels

Of course, you will need more than just a beach/bath towel in your bathroom. You'll need at least a few sets of hand towels. 

Maybe after drinking all that vodka you might want to rub your hands on these  Lucky Horseshoe Hand Towels and pray that your hangover is not too debilitating. 

Maybe if you invoke lady luck and also drink some water you'll only wake up with a mild headache instead of one of those hangovers that feels like a truck full of malt liquor ran over you in your sleep.

Inevitably you do wake up feeling a little worse for wear because, come on, you were drinking straight vodka in the bath tub last night while howling siren songs and pretending you were a mermaid. What did you expect? 

Skull Hand Towels

Those Lucky Horseshoe hand towels are just towels; they're not magic. Luckily there is a Sourpuss hand towel that can work like magic with a little preparation. 

Grab your  Skull Hand Towels (because they reflect how you feel inside, which is corpse-like), spray them with a little cold water, and wrap them around your throbbing head. 

Oof, that feels good on your hot, aching eyeballs. Sourpuss sure knows how to make quality bathroom decor.


Well, we hope we've shown you that your bathroom can indeed be an exciting place, with or without the aid of vodka. Actually, definitely without the aid of vodka for the next little while. At least, like, a week without vodka. Ow.


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