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Star Wars Style: Geek Chic Bags from Loungefly

Posted on May 23 2016

Star Wars has permeated every aspect of our lives and at this point the franchise is ubiquitous and inescapable. At least it feels like that every time a new film comes out, but it is particularly true of The Force Awakens. And now, of course, before the hubbub over that film has even died down, everyone's already getting excited about Rogue One. And can you blame them? After a few less-than-stellar films (the very existence of Jar Jar Binks is so embarrassing), The Force Awakens seems like it has ushered in a Star Wars renaissance.

There is little not to like about the new film. The adorable beeping of BB-8, the retro scene wipes, Kylo Ren's mantrums (man tantrums) -- it's all great stuff. To show our appreciation for all things Star Wars, we would like to bring your attention to Loungefly's excellent Star Wars themed bags. Loungefly makes great bags in general, but their Star Wars ones really are something else.

Stormtrooper Floral Coin Bag

Stormtroopers are supposed to be all menacing and scary, but this might be the cutest darned thing we've ever seen. 

The teeny tiny bag features precious little embroidered details of flowers and hearts. Is this what Finn did to his helmet after he left the Order and joined the Resistance? We sure hope it is. It would certainly be an improvement on the bloody handprint he got on his helmet during the film. 

We'd like to imagine Finn seated in a peaceful meadow, surrounded by alien bees and flowers, painting intricate designs on his old Stormtrooper outfit and turning it into something pretty. Finn deserves to have a nice day.

And so do you, for that matter. So why not pick up this little coin purse that will conjure fond thoughts of everyone's favorite ex-Stormtrooper whenever you gaze upon it? 

If you're not in the market for a new coin purse, surely there are some other tiny things you need to keep organized -- like maybe you make very tiny clay replicas of BB-8 and you need a place to store all your droids. We don't know what you get up to in your personal time.

Stormtrooper Bandana Duffle

Of course, you'll need a proper bag/purse to keep your Stormtrooper coin purse in, for optimal organization. 

Loungefly's Stormtrooper duffle would be the obvious choice for the job because, well, it matches the coin purse, and also it's just badass in its own right. We sure do love when pop culture gets mixed with classic prints and patterns, and this duffle's paisley borders really deliver on that front.

The bag itself is made of sturdy faux leather (because one can appreciate the Stormtrooper aesthetic while also balking at the idea of hurting another living creature) and will fit all the bits and bobs you need to carry about your person on an average day. 

Most importantly, it looks like it should comfortably fit a light saber -- one that is sheathed at least. We would not recommend placing an unsheathed light saber in the bag, as that would ruin a perfectly good bag.

Dark Side Tattoo Backpack

We love this bag because it looks like the sort of thing that Emo Kylo Ren would wear (if you are not familiar with Emo Kylo Ren, please direct yourself to this absolutely priceless Twitter account). Little angsty Kylo would have this slung over one shoulder, and the colour scheme of the bag would match his Converse sneakers (which he would have doodled on in sharpie). 

He'd also be wearing one of many band t-shirts he'd bought at Hot Topic. The band would probably be From First To Last, because Kylo Ren is permanently stuck in 2005 in both his maturity levels and in his aesthetic.

Here are some of the things that emo teenager Kylo Ren would keep in his Dark Side Tattoo backpack: hair products, including Manic Panic hair dye; several black eyeliner pencils; a sketchbook that just has a bunch of drawings of Darth Vader in it; an iPod full of screamo music.

Really, we recommend owning this backpack just so that you can be gleefully reminded of everyone's favorite emotionally stunted villain.

Star Wars Tattoo Flash Tote Bag

Now this is a quality backpack. Yeah, we get it that the Dark Side is edgy and cool, but frankly, we are hopeless lovers of the Resistance, so we're glad that Loungefly has at least one bag that includes an image of our lord and savior, Princess Leia. 

We also appreciate the presence of C-3PO, the best and most flamboyant robot. C-3PO is honestly #goals because he's covered in gold and he just shuffles around complaining dramatically. 

Oh, and there's flash art of R2-D2 in there as well! BB-8 might be adorable, but he's got nothing on the original adorable droid. 

See, the Resistance is clearly cooler than the New Order; they've got cute robots, badass ladies, and, of course, the precious cinnamon bun that is Finn.

Truly we are blessed to have Loungefly in our lives. What would we do without them? Probably we would woefully carry our belongings around in trash bags, or something equally hyperbolically miserable. Luckily, though, we don't have to think about that. Luckily we can cart our stuff around in Star Wars style, and so can you.


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