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TaylorSays: 10 Reasons Why We Love These Heels

Posted on February 19 2016

Nothing adds the finishing touch to an already stellar outfit quite like the perfect pair of shoes. Your hair's great, your makeup's great, your clothes are breathtaking; now you just need to stare down your no-doubt sizable shoe collection and slip into a pair that's just right for your current look. It's really one of life's small pleasures, matching a cute dress with even cuter heels and feeling truly put-together from head to toe. That's why we're such a big fan of TaylorSays shoes: if you've got a great outfit, they've got a great pair of shoes to make it even better. Here's a breakdown of everything this fantastic brand has going for them.

1. Variety

If variety is the spice of life, then TaylorSays shoes are like a particularly good chai. 

No matter whether you're in the mood for cute flats or towering, intimidating heels, TaylorSays has got you covered. 

If you're feeling fun and light-hearted, you can try on these  Jubilee Platform Pumps which come in an adorable watermelon picnic pattern. 

But if you'd rather emphasize your inner spookiness, you can always slip into the  Call Me Peep Toe Pumps with their badass skeleton babe soles.

2. Color

TaylorSays' collection looks like someone put a pair of plain white heels in front of a prism and separated that boring white into an entire rainbow -- which is an elaborate and scientifically dubious way of saying that these shoes are colorful. 

It is our humble opinion that everybody needs to own a few pairs of shoes that are so vibrant you really can't look away from them. 

We particularly love these stunning  Skully Pumps which feature a vibrant red sugar skull pattern and colorful soles that are reminiscent of a traditional Mexican blanket.

3. Sleek

These shoes may come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, but each one has an elegant, feminine silhouette. 

Whether you're wearing a wiggle dress or a poofy polka dot skirt, TaylorSays has got shoes that will integrate seamlessly into your outfit. 

For slim and sexy, try the  Hena Glazed Patent Pumps; if you're in the mood for plump and cute, there's always the Nesta Blue Peep Toe Pumps

You're sure to feel fantastic in either pair.

4. Creative

We can say, with absolutely no reservation, that TaylorSays shoes are never boring. There is a time and a place for plain black pumps, but, let's be real, we all prefer it when we can be just a touch more flamboyant. 

Even the simplest of TaylorSays' heels have a hint of hidden creativity on their soles, like with the flock of butterflies on the underside of these  Miko Black Pumps

On the other end of the spectrum you have these  wild Calvera Leopard Pumps which are heelless and strikingly strange. No matter which pair you choose, these shoes are always demanding a double take.

5. Hidden Platforms

In addition to high, high heels, a number of TaylorSays shoes have platforms in the toes to add another inch or two. The hidden platform will give you a little extra boost without adding to the vertical angle of the heel itself.

Listen, sometimes it's a good thing to tower over your date and strike a little fear into their heart. 

Possible choices for wowing the future bae include these  Rummy Gold Pumps and these glittering Starlite Pumps

Or, if you're looking to make a statement to your longtime lover, might we recommend the  Til Death Heels?

6. High Quality Material

It doesn't matter how great a shoe looks if it barely handles your average wear and tear and is only good for a few outings. 

Luckily, TaylorSays understands that the quality of your shoes' construction is as important as the way they look. Almost all of these shoes are made with genuine leather, meaning that they'll hold a place of pride in your wardrobe for years to come. 

Rest assured that when you need a little fierceness on your feet, or luck in your step, these  Sharkie Flats or lucky cat Calico Blue Pumps will be here for you.

7. Perfect Pin-Up Complement

Pin-up girls rejoice, because TaylorSays has got you covered. Many of their heels evoke a wonderful retro look and will transport you to a different era. 

We particularly love the  Calese White Pumps with their cute cherry sundae motif. 

Can you imagine yourself wearing these shoes while seated on a red and chrome stool in a vintage diner, sipping on a milkshake, feeling like you just stepped out of a Gil Elvgren illustration? 

We can picture it quite clearly. It's a good look for you.

8. The Best for Burlesque Babes

Some of you have a bit of a naughty side, which we are 100% in favor of. 

TaylorSays shows have all the right height, color and style for burlesque shows and babes.

There are few things more fun than channeling your inner Bettie Page, which is why we love these  Rootsy T-Strap Heels with their classic sleek shape and the busty badass babes on the soles. 

Better yet, check out these  Jane Black Leopard Pumps with their animalistic edge. Welcome to the jungle, indeed.

9. Flatter your Tattoos

We know that you love your tattoos and want to show them off any chance you get. 

TaylorSays shoes are great for this reason because they feature art in the style of traditional or neo-traditional tattoos. 

These gorgeous  Wonderland Heels are sure to complement your floral tats. 

If you're more of a nautical babe all inked up in the Sailor Jerry style, then these stunning  Anchors Away Pumps are sure to please you.

10. They go with EVERYTHING

After admiring TaylorSays' collection you're probably wondering "is there anything these shoes don't go with?" The answer is: probably not. If you love retro fashion, then TaylorSays definitely has a pair of shoes to suit you perfectly -- or perhaps several pairs. I mean, we're not saying you should buy every last one of their pumps and flats and then line them up in your closet like a shrine to the God of Shoes, but it's definitely something you could do.


So what clothes are you going to pair with your new TaylorSays shoes? We know there's no way you can read through this article and look at those shoes for this long without thinking of at least half a dozen possible outfits. We understand, we really do.

Ready to break in your new heels? Read our guide for Breaking in a New Pair of Heels for tips and advice for a (nearly) painless break-in.


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