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The Well-Groomed Man

Posted on June 18 2017

The rockabilly styles have never been more popular and a men’s hairstyle trend. The 1950’s style includes the pompadour and the slicked back greaser look guys seem to be loving. We can’t get enough of it! Nothing like a well- groomed man!

  1. Know when it is time to go to your barber and become a regular. Don’t forget to book your appointment while you’re there! 4 weeks is about right. Too many men wait and you are looking at the outgrown stage. It you have noticed, someone else has.
  2. Know which hair product works for you. Hair products have gotten more confusing since the Murray’s Pomade your Grandad swore by, so make sure you are educated on what each product is for. Waxes and pomades are for thicker hair and messy styles like Spiffy Stuff Pomade, and lighter products like Kustom Kreeps Butterscotch Tasty Cake Light Pomade Gold/Bronze are much suited for thinner hair. Check in with your barber if you are a bit in the dark.
  3. Find your signature scent. Aftershave isn’t supposed be obvious or in your face. You don’t want people to be looking at you or covering their noses do you? Rather it should be subtle and be a part of your overall presence. You don’t want the overkill of 20 bottles in your bathroom in the morning to choose from, rather find one or two classic scents you really like and invest in them. 
  4. Manage your facial growth. We all love a great beard, but unless you are planning to move out into the wilderness to find yourself, facial hair of any length needs to be maintained. You don’t have to spend much on a beard trimmer, obtain one and get in the weekly habit of clipping up. Don’t however go too far! Also you don’t want your beard to smell well… like a beard! Try a beard oil like Grave Before Shave Pine Scented Beard Oil or a beard balm like Spiffy Stuff Beard Balm Black City Slick Scent, just what you a looking for to not smell like the typical facial hair.
  5. Or…learn to shave like an expert. Learning the basics of a good shave is important. You might not have time in the morning for an extensive wet shaving routine, but educating yourself on the basics of a good shave is imperative. A shave oil beforehand will help with a much smoother shave. Remember to soak your blades in warm water, allowing your hair to come off easier with less irritation and redness. Seems like too much work? Head to your Barber for a professional shave once a week.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a one stop shop to get groomed AND tattooed? Tattoo Barbershops seem to be popping up all over the country. It seems like the perfect combination. Both a haircut, shave, and a tattoo affect a person's appearance and why not be able to get it all in the same place? 

Mike Wolfe of American Picker’s is opening a shop in Nashville later in 2017 in a rehabilitated building powered by Barber Authority, which is owned by Steve Vilot, one of the country’s distiguished barbers to celebrities. The tattoo parlor will be curated by Chris Murphy, who owns East Nashville's popular Gold Club Electric Tattoos. 

Boston Barber Tattoo Co. located in the historical North End/Beacon Hill Boston neighborhood can boast at being the first and only tattoo shop in downtown and the only tattoo/barber combination shop in all of Massachusetts. It has the old school look and reputation to boot.

This is just a few examples of a barbershop/tattoo shop combinations you will find across the country. Enjoy your shopping!


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