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Voodoo Vixen and Other Women’s Plus Sized Brands

Posted on May 09 2016

Too often brands ignore a major section of their demographic by neglecting to produce quality clothes in plus sizes. This is a shame for multiple reasons, not least of all because larger ladies have some of the best fashion sense out there, if only you would give them the resources! Woman cannot survive on boring pants and shirts alone (I mean, she absolutely can, but what a depressing existence that would be). We still have a long way to go, but Inked Boutique is dedicated to finding and providing you, our valued customer, with the best retro and rockabilly fashions in plus sizes.

Below are three promising brands that offer plus sized clothing for women. We've particularly focused on Voodoo Vixen, because no one handles plus sized clothing quite like they do. Take note, other companies!

Steadfast Brand

Steadfast Brand understands that beauty can be unconventional, which is why they lovingly promote the tattooed lifestyle. 

Unsurprisingly for a brand that is all about claiming your unique body as your own and decorating it how you please, Steadfast also offers a number of their slogany t-shirts in plus sizes. 

No matter your size, shape, number of body mods, or special interests, you're really just a human being like the rest of us and you want a job you like and a family you love (whatever unconventional form 'family' may take for you). 

Too many tattooed people are erroneously told they'll never find a "real" job, which is why Steadfast produces this fantastic Tattooed and Employed Shirt. And for the big inked gals out there who are exhaustingly employed being parents (a tough job, but someone's gotta do it), there is this Tattooed Parent Shirt in a plus size.


Steady Clothing

Our selection of Steady Clothing is all darling and rockabilly perfection. 

One thing you'll definitely love about Steady Clothing is the quality. With the wear and tear we put our clothing through, it's nice to have a reliable brand that you can look to for great quality fabrics, design and fit. 

Take a look at their High Waist Thrills skirt for a flirty, fun and flattering style that will make you feel as glamorous as you are. 

Need the perfect top to match? This Piped Sophia Top knows just how to flatter the girls with a lovely and unique cut. 

Steady Clothing has the expertise to make tops, skirts and dresses that are oh-so flattering on everyone, which is why they style their sizes from small to 4XL. Remember to check the size guide in the images before making a purchase!


Hemet knows rockabilly and vintage fashion. With a simply stunning line of dresses, skirts, top and aprons available to women of all shapes and sizes, Hemet is the kind of clothing brand that you must own at least one item from. It's sure to be one of the most unique items in your wardrobe. Just look at this Comic Strip Dress. 

They aren't all bright colors and busy patterns. Hemet does create some neutral options like this Damask Vintage Inspired dress

Want to protect your other stylish dresses from the splatters and stains of a busy kitchen? Hemet's thought of you and created a just-as-gorgeous apron to throw over your favorite gear, like this Vintage Polka Dot apron. Hemet's gorgeous fabrics, Latina flair, and vintage designs put it at the top of our list of best plus-size brands. Their dresses, skirts and tops are lovely, flattering and come in sizes up to 3XL.

Voodoo Vixen

We try to love all of our brands equally, but we are not-so-secretly partial to Voodoo Vixen. There is honestly no one quite like them, and they really put other brands to shame in the quality and variety of their plus sized clothes. Voodoo Vixen resurrects the best aspects of 1950s style, including the fact that the ideal beauty was rather curvier back then, and her clothes had to suit her accordingly.

Of course, one of the best parts of 1950s fashion was the ubiquitous cardigan, and Voodoo Vixen has got you covered there. We really can't get over how adorable this Clarissa Cats In The Rain Cardigan is. Look at those tiny cats, with their tiny umbrellas. Picture, for a moment, wearing this cardigan while curled up in your apartment on a rainy day, petting your cats and drinking tea and just feeling cute and content. What a perfect moment that would be.

One of our favorite things about Voodoo Vixen is their very detailed and honest size charts. Unlike a lot of companies that label women's clothing sizes with seemingly arbitrary numbers (does anyone really know what a size 6 means?), Voodoo Vixen gives you cold hard inches. Real units of measurement, thank god! Not only that, but they do their best to find correlations between differing and confusing methods of measurement, so you can find the best fit based on your unique shape and the sort of clothes you're already used to buying. Do you usually find yourself wearing a UK 20? Then a Voodoo Vixen 2XL is the way to go for you.

Of course, some ladies are bustier than others, or more pear-shaped, which is why it's useful that Voodoo Vixen let's you know exactly what '2XL' means in terms of bust, waist, and hip measurements. It's no good to have a dress that fits perfectly in one area and, um, stretches and strains in another. Voodoo Vixen also adds a little extra elastic to their plus sized clothes, so that you get a sexy and uniform fit no matter the shape and size of your curves. You can order this Multi-Color Floral Dress and rest assured that it will fit you comfortably and make you look like a flower garden that has suddenly come to life and decided to start walking around. You can even pretend you're a real life voluptuous nymph from some Baroque painting. We should all be so lucky to feel that artistically beautiful in our clothes.

Honorable Mentions!

Who doesn't love  Sourpuss? They're colorful, unique and offer sizes up to to 3XL. It's a win-win for everyone. Gorgeous, fun and funky clothing in sizes everyone can enjoy.

Need more rockabilly vintage in your life?  Hearts & Roses London creates vintage-inspired dresses with a modern touch and comes in sizes up to 3XL.

For tattoo-inspired clothing lines, plus-sized ladies are lucky to have  Cartel Ink and David Gonzales Art  creating their stunning tattoo-style shirts and tank tops in sizes up to 3XL.

And we haven't forgotten the horror and gothabilly lovers out there. Pinky Star's got your back, literally, with their up to 3XL t-shirts and tanks. 


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